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Self-Service Facilities

Classic Car Wash provides several self service bays at each of our outlets for those customers who prefer to soap and spray the exterior and vacuum and deodorise their car’s interior themselves. This option is excellent value for money and is coin or paywave operated; you only pay for your time in the wash bay.

Classic Car Wash self service bays are fully equipped with user controlled high pressure hoses, gentle foaming brushes, warm soapy water and a vacuum area where you can finish the job at your own pace to give that “Classic Finish”.

On offer from our rotary dial selector that puts you in control are six specially developed functions that, used in order, will deliver a sparkling clean to your car.

Wheel, Tyre and Engine Cleaner Function
This low pressure function delivers a unique blend of high sudsing and deep penetrating cleaners and degreasers that strips away oxidised tyre film and engine grease, making it possible for you to clean your wheels, tyres, engine and underbody safely, inexpensively and legally. It can also be used as a presoak for those hard to move bugs and sap spots.

High Pressure Soap
This high pressure function delivers a stream of warm soapy water at 1100 psi. through your trigger gun allowing you to loosen the bond of dirt and grime. This soap is specially formulated to enhance the cleaning power of the foam brush and rinse cycles, bumper to bumper and wheels to roof.

 Foaming Brush
This function delivers a warm, thick mouse of coloured soap through the specially selected “hogs hair” brush. The foaming brush can remove that tough stubborn grime with its rich, penetrating lather whilst protecting your paintwork.

High Pressure Rinse
Clean, fresh, cold water is delivered through the trigger gun at high pressure to assist in blasting away those last vestiges of dirt and grime.


Low Pressure Liquid Polish
A rich, cherry scented liquid polish is delivered through the gun at low pressure. This polish contains polymeric silicones that provide lustre, protection and durability to vehicle clearcoats and other painted surfaces. It provides protection against acid rain and other environmental pollutants while providing increased water repellancy and durability to weather.

Spot Free Rinse
And providing the final touch, a spot free rinse completes the cycle. Purified water from our reverse osmosis unit ensures that no contaminants dry on your paintwork, eliminating spots and the need to chamois your car.